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River Levels


Displays river level data from the Environment Agency.See where the Environment Agency has river measurement stations where you are, view the readings and see the level rise and fall.
Note - this app is for England only, the Environment Agency have stopped releasing data for Wales (and never did for Scotland), so be mindful of this when leaving reviews if you're not in England. It only displays gauges returned by the Environment Agency service, again please be mindful of this before leaving rude 1 star reviews for things that are out of my control. If you're in Wales then use the Natural Resources Wales own app, in Scotland use the SEPA website.
You can now also get regular updates for a station you choose, you'll receive a notification if the river rises above the typical high level, or you can choose to receive a regular notification so you don't have to keep opening the app to check on your local station.
The app uses Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta), in the unlikely event that the Environment Agency stop releasing the data the app will no longer function. Unfortunately the service does not include river levels for the whole of the UK, only England (it did used to include Wales but the Environment Agency in Wales has become part of Natural Resources Wales).